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Our Mission

The Nor Cal Legends mission is to develop softball excellence and to assist each young lady in achieving their goals on the softball field.  Providing an environment where players will be able to improve their athletic skills and increase their knowledge of the game - our players will learn team sportsmanship, leadership, and respect through responsibility, as they prepare for future college play.

Our philosophy is to be aggressive, strive for perfection and play with pride. Softball is not just a game, but a great teaching tool for the life lessons these young ladies will be faced with in their futures. 

Come join us in our quest of creating softball Legends!


San Jose Strikkers original logo

San Jose Strikkers original logo

Previously called the San Jose Strikkers, an organization built on the reputation of Tom Sorci's premier 18 Gold Program (who subsequently retired at the end of summer 2007). During the summer of 2008 the 18U team participated in the 18A USA/ASA Nationals in Illinois and the program expanded to include a very successful 14U team.

More changes came about during Fall 2008 when the 14U team moved up to 16U, two more 14U teams were brought in and the 18U team disbanded. All three younger teams enjoyed a very successful Fall season and saw the return of 80% of their rosters for the 2009 spring/summer season.

Just after the 2009 teams were finalized, the organization changed its name to Nor Cal Legends to help alleviate the confusion with the nearby Strikkers program and gain a fresh start on a new future. 

The summer of 2009 also proved successful, as all three teams particpated in National play forums, with the 16U team placing 5th at the Triple Crown World Series.  In Fall of 2009 - teams in the 18U, 14U and 12U divisions were added, helping to bring new future Legends to our organization.

NorCal Legends Fastpitch Home Facilities

Leland High School

NorCal Legends Practice Fields

Santa Teresa High School

NorCal Legends Practice Fields

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